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Haseen Vaadiyan (The sight of Upper Himachal)

Well!  I’ve been thinking a lot what my next blog should be about. For  very long nothing could strike my mind, I definitely wanted my second blog to be better than the previous so couldn’t take any chance to choose any randoms. All thanks to my   roomie for her inquisitiveness about hills.  Ever since she came to know I’m from Shimla, believe me all she gives me is a haunting gaze whenever she finds me doing nothing. And then there she goes freaking me up with her stupid questions . She’s even been stupid enough to ask me ” Is is snowing there?” (in the  month September) and all I could do was laugh helplessly. But I don’t put her at fault someone who has never visited a hill station can afford to sound a nut. So giving her inquisition due importance this blog is dedicated to her and to all others who would be as curious as her to know about people in pahad (Upper Himachal) and  their life. I shall try to give a complete insight about the Place, People, Culture, Food, beliefs. No No.. I am not the HP tourism minister. ūüôā Its just that living in a busy city like Delhi now I have fell in love with such beauty even more.  So Lets start with our journey towards hills.

  • Place

    Shimla , Kinnaur, Kullu  Manali, lahul and Spiti,  Sirmaur, Solan are  the states basically which form Upper Himachal. I’ll more specifically be writing about my home town  Dist. Shimla also known as “Queen of Himachal”. Shimla further consists of many small Tehsils. These Thesils don’t differ much in terms of culture and tradition. The only difference lies is in boundries. Every nook and corner is filled with greenery  here.  The aroma of pleasurable sunset and sunrise is sublime, something words wouldn’t  justify. As long as you are there the scenic beauty will leave you in a trance.


  • People

    Trust me!  when you visit Shimla one thing which you’re surely  going to fall in love with are  people residing here. They have the most humble heart which doesn’t hesitate in helping anyone. You’ll always be treated with the loving gesture here. With the most innocent faces which don’t lack in beauty, here people are the real example of natural beauties. They  live the most satisfied life, away from the hustle and bustle  of big metropolitan cities. Streets go lonely at night even before 10 pm. Almost everyone here in pahad (hills)  have a fixed time of going off to bed and waking up even before sunrise  this is the  major reason of why people here are very fit and active in their late  80s and 90s as well. Unless it’s someone indolent like me who doesn’t like waking up early.  But i seriously feel blessed to be around such kind souls.


  • Living

    When it comes on source of living here, people are privileged with best agricultural sector. Almost every one has large lands with rich soil  in their villages where the cultivation is done by themselves mostly, but that was customary in olden day. These days people here keep drudgery (labour)  and they are mostly from Nepal. Almost all farm and field work is done but them. The most important fruit of the state is  Apple also called as Pride of HimachalThe commercial value of apple as a kind of fresh fruit is truly undeniable. This yearly season of apples have made the state much wealthier. Moderate climate here of course has proven to be good for the purpose of the cultivating Apple .  Apple season takes place in the month of June, July, August, and Septembe. Every year Apple in large scale are exported from the state. This indeed has been very lucky for the people here as, they earn  fairly good amount. Along with this there are many other stone fruits grown here like  Apricots, pear, almond, citrus, raisins, apple, peach plum, walnut, cheery. Now this is the major reason why Himachal is named as The Fruit Bowl of India.


  • Food

    Okay! now lets bring in light the Food. Which indeed is the most interesting  part of any region. So if you’re a foody person like me than we’re not missing on this topic for sure. One of the most common dish and one of my favorite of course, made of wheat flour  Sidu is a type of bread and is a well known local dish of Upper Himachal usually eaten with ghee or butter, and can also be served with daal and chutni. There are so many other famous traditional  dishes which I’m sure  every localite here have tasted. Other amazing dishes here include Patande, Pater, Indre, Baadi, Wada, Maalpure, gucchi. Trust me they’re worth tasting, and if you haven’t than you must.  You are going love them!


  • Beliefs

    Himachal pradesh  (Dev Bhoomi or land of gods)  Is the  Place of  Mythological Importance. Himachal Pradesh is considered as a paradise on Earth and is home for many temples and pilgrimage centers. This holy land is associated with hindu mythology. In Upper Himachal there are temples which are famous for its architectural beauty. Himachal- The Abode of Gods, here people worship God in many forms which again differs as per the region. Being a native of this place I firmly believe  in the super natural power present here, that constantly reminds you of how blessed can one be to born in a holy land like this.


  • Culture

    Hey! Now as you have  a slight  idea about what life of a pahad ( life in hills) is like, so now let me introduce you to the most unique culture that resides here. Again culture varies from region to region. Everyone here has their unique and different way of celebrating. Something which is locally very famous here and  my favorite too, that I have grown up doing is Nati symbol of being padahi. It is a dance form often performed in groups. So everyone who puts up here are very much aware and found of Nati. It is performed in folk music which is indeed very pleasurable. Even to watch people do it is very amusing.


  • Weather & Climate

    Talking about weather here, Gosh! it’s what I miss the most. How do people stay in hot places? I used to ask earlier, now even after myself staying in the most heated city I still don’t have any answer to this. How I’m surviving here like literally surviving God knows.  I just count on my days for holidays so that I could just rush back to hills. Guys, trust me the climate you’ll love here.Light breeze that moves like a zephyr refreshes the soul. It’s barely summers here, all it needs is a little shower and it’ll turn into chilled weather in a fraction of minutes. But yeah “chilled weather” doesn’t mean it snows anytime and every time MY DEAR ROOMMATE. Hahaha!! It’s only in peak winters that it snows with the temperature  ranging from zero to 20 C, so coming up to hills in winters I shall only recommend to those truly in love with winters and snow.


Coming  towards the end of my  2nd blog, I hope it’s been of some help to those who were curious to know about how life exists to those in interior of shimla, all though  I would like to mention I haven’t covered every aspect  over here, they’re quite vast and are to be discussed individually. All I have tried to give is a over view of the place. Also I  hope the  inhabitant of the city who were already aware about everything  I mention  enjoyed reading :). Stay tuned for my next blog. SUPPER SOON ūüôā


10 things every convent- educated girl can relate  to

. Being a girl from a convent background, ¬†I ¬† have grown up thinking that the school church is one such place where even smallest of the problem could be resolved, and indeed it is, be it a small class test or parent teacher’s meeting which scared us through all our wits. Spending past 14 years in a ¬†convent school I do believe convent schools are just different, and we convent girls certainly ¬†stand out in the crowd. ¬†Here are 10 points that every convent educated girls can relate to-

  1. prays start with “Our Father in heaven”



2.  Long morning mass, meant wasting your 1st period. and you loved it!


3. Irrespective of any religion, you remember going to school chapel to pray before exam.


4.¬†You always wanted to know what was under the sister’s habit. Always! You’ve even-conducted pranks just to see what her head looks like.


4. Those strict uniform rules, drove you crazy.


5.    When people make grammatical mistakes you correct them and mentally slap them a few times too. After all, you went through all of that yourself once.


6. At some point you fancied the idea of dressing like a nun.


7. Indian festival holidays + Catholic holidays = Amazing School Life


8. Moral science was more important than actual science.



9. if ¬†there’s an event, and there is no zero period. ya


10. You still remember  the school hymns and Christmas charols.